Adulting at stake…

People as they agegradually start to maze;adulting is the ragecharm is when at wage..! Laughter is when at stakereasons when they make;stress is what it takeseverything on the gate..! How difficult could that be?How different could that be?To not understand yourself;yet trying to prove yourself..? Struggle is real for nowas everyone around says for now..!IsContinue reading “Adulting at stake…”

Strange that’s beautiful..!

Its strange how some thingsmake us remember moments;moments that we createdbeautifully which lie… How one particular songmakes me remember my days of working out.. How a particular smellmakes me remembera person who’s due.. How a particular feelinggets me goingthrough the entire day.. How a particular dressreminds me of a complimentwhich is the only thing left..Continue reading “Strange that’s beautiful..!”

Mend them the right way..!

When relationships happendealing with differencesis the discounted coupon..! Every time obviously,viewpoints maybe different;doesn’t mean relation’s brokenthat’s just a part of token..! People don’t come togethercuz they are similar;did you not hear it,when it was like..‘ To complete each other..! ‘ To understand and indulge makes it the better best..To care and support thenmakes them strongest..!Continue reading “Mend them the right way..!”

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